The Master Blaster – Promotional T-shirt and Hotdog Launcher

My name is Cathy, and I am an expert in promotions. Corporations all over the world hire me to come in and meet with all of their bigwigs in the marketing department. Lately, I have been getting a lot of sports teams wanting marketing ideas to draw more fans to their games, and make more money from the fans that are attending. From what I’ve heard a lot of professional sports teams aren’t getting anywhere close to their usual crowds because of the recession. As you can probably imagine, one of the best tools for getting revenue at a sporting event and to market your team or company is a promotional launcher (or more commonly known as a hotdog/t-shirt launcher). The crowd obviously loves it, and it generates interest in whatever product that you’re launching (for example, after launching some Schneiders hotdogs, we will sell a lot more of them). The real question is, which launcher is the best one to get? Today I’m going to be reviewing the best CO2 launching gun that I have ever worked with – the Master Blaster.

The ultimate free stuff weapon!

The best quality launcher around!

Now as you can probably imagine, I have worked with a lot of these “free stuff shooters” in my career, and have a pretty good idea of what to look for. So why the Master Blaster? The first thing to comes to mind is the fact that they are the most reputable company in the launcher business. The owner of this company is actually the guy who invented hotdog and t-shirt cannons, and he has been selling them forever. They have a fantastic reputation, and you can guarantee that if you have a problem with your gun (which never happens), they will take care of everything and get you a gun that works. The other nice thing about this company is that they offer a free lifetime warranty with the blasters, so it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had the gun, they’ll still fix the problem.

Now onto the air gun itself. This gun is super lightweight and portable, but still very durable feeling. We toss these launchers around a lot, and I know that I never have to worry about damaging it. It’s just very well-built. The Master Blaster company will also make as many custom covers for the gun as you want (with your company/sponsor logo and in a shape that represents your company/sponsor). This is probably the best part about it. You know the fans are going to remember you’re hotdog company when hotdogs are flying into the crowd out of a giant hotdog-shaped gun!

The Mr. Sub Master Blaster Cover

The last thing I’m going to mention about the Master Blaster is it’s distance control. You can shoot a soft promotional item anywhere from 1o feet to 350 feet, meaning you can lightly shoot a t-shirt to someone in the front row, or blast a hotdog up into the nosebleeds! This thing can shoot crazy long distances when it’s cranked up full (longer than the distance of a football field).

If you want to order or rent a master blaster t-shirt launcher, you can check out the official site at:

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